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Safe Hospital Grade Anesthesia in your dental office while you focus on the dentistry 

Dentist Chair

General Anesthesia / IV Sedation

We bring state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment and medications to your dental office with the goal of providing safe and comfortable general anesthesia or IV sedation to your patients. Our intense training in dental anesthesia will ensure we provide hospital quality anesthesia and safety to your office at a fraction of the hospital cost.


We have extensive training and specialize in:


  • Pediatric patients

  • Special needs patients

  • Patients with anxiety & dental phobia

  • Comfort for longer and complex surgical procedures

The benefits of having a dentist anesthesiologist provider in your office:

  • We are uniquely trained to deliver hospital grade anesthesia in dental offices

  • The patient is continuously monitored throughout the entire procedure

  • Expand your patient population and scope of service

  • Focus on your dental surgery and complete treatment plans in one appointment, while the anesthesiologist safely manages your patient’s comfort and vitals

  • Increase patient satisfaction and comfort

  • Distinguish your practice as a provider of sedation dentistry


Safety is our #1 priority 

For Providers

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